Set Your Intention

If you’re just now arriving, welcome. We’re so glad you’re here!

What is Get Clean, Girls? GCG is a blog, project, idea that was started by two women who came together through their mutual fascination with all things relating to the preservation of themselves. We know that’s vague, and that’s the point. What’s really important to us is not defining what we do. It’s defining why we are doing it. So, with that being said…

In yoga, it’s important to set an intention for your practice. Your intention is your mission or your raison d’etre for the duration of your practice…and beyond. We all have different intentions for what we do. Now, let us use this moment to set our intention for Get Clean, Girls:

  • We desire to support women (and men) in realizing control of their lives, planet, and moral/political values through their bodies. We know that might just sound like a bunch of words, but we really think it’s a pretty refreshingly simple idea when you get right down to it. Let’s expand on that:
  • We are here to share and learn. We recognize that we all have our own expertise and skill set, and we realize that when we can share them, we all become stronger and more united.
  • We will be resourceful, diligent, and honest and expect the same in return. We believe that every person has the right to make decisions based on truthful information. We also believe that that information should be easily accessible.
  • We will be ourselves. We are just regular, curious 20-something women who believe in this project, and we will maintain our integrity.
  • We desire to be a welcoming resource for all. We respect that each individual has the right and the unique ability to make the best decision for him or herself. We also believe that it is important to celebrate what makes each of us us, and invite with open arms those of different genders, ages, religions, sexual orientations, ethnicity, nationality, etc. to our project.

As with setting an intention in yoga, our intentions may be different than yours. They may overlap or not overlap at all. But the important thing is that we are here and we are sharing in this endeavor.

We have a lot of ideas for this project, and we can’t know exactly where it will go. But we like you, and we hope that you’ll decide to share yourself with us, too. Thanks for stopping in.

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