From Dandruff to Dandy: Jojoba Oil for Your Hair

by Olivia Hawks

This week we have a guest post from Madeleine’s younger sister, Olivia Hawks. Olivia is a grad of the Aveda Institute in Philadelphia and just opened up a salon in Winchester, Virginia. While giving Madeleine a rad haircut a couple of weeks ago, Olivia announced that Madeleine had dandruff. Dandruff!? How embarrassing! She said dry scalp was probably a side effect of the Accutane and that Madeleine was just going to have to deal with it until she was done with the medication. But do not fret, dandruff sufferers! Olivia gave us a tutorial on how to make an easy at-home scalp treatment for dandruff.  

Greetings, Get Clean Girls!

Dry scalp is a pretty common issue and can happen for any number of reasons. This scalp treatment recipe can be used if you have dandruff or you can just use it as a deep condition treatment.

First, let me tell you about the wonders of Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is actually not an oil, but a wax ester, which makes it the closest approximation to human sebum (skin oil). So it balances your natural oils and doesn’t clog pores. It’s not very expensive to get a large container of it, commonly at natural food stores. Once you have it on your shelf, the jojoba world is your oyster! You can use it as a body lotion, hand creme, face moisturizer, for dry skin patches, and you can definitely use it to make this scalp treatment.

Jojoba Scalp Treatment:

1 oz of Jojoba Oil (just eyeball this)

16 drops of lavender essential oil (you can also use tea tree oil)

A clean container to hold them (I use a dropper bottle for easy application later)

A shower cap (the grannier, the better!)

Combine the jojoba oil and lavender essential oil in your container and shake or stir well. When you are prepared to do your treatment, pour or drop a quarter-sized amount of the concoction into your palm and spread evenly over your fingers. Then give yourself a deep scalp massage for about a minute, adding more of your oil if necessary. On the base of your skull, rub your fingernails in an up-down zigzag motion starting symmetrically with each hand behind your ears and making your hands meet right above your neck. Do that several times. For the top of your scalp, rub from your ears to the middle of your scalp, but horizontally. If none of that makes sense to you, just rub your scalp however it feels right to you, but make sure you’re doing a deep rub so you get a nice tingling scalp afterwards, like when we wash your hair in the sink at the salon.

After that massage, tuck your hair snugly into a shower cap and wait it out for about 20 minutes. I personally like to watch a classic movie and drink Orangina while I do this kind of thing, but that’s not required. After your timer goes off, take a shower and wash your hair as normal. Hasta la vista, dry scalp!

Now that you’re a jojoba convert, let me tell you that another great use for this is to make mix your own hybrid conditioner for use about once a week or whenever you want. All you do is pour a little of your own store bought conditioner into another bottle, like a travel-sized container and then add a few drops (about 10 for a 3 oz bottle) of jojoba oil to that and shake well to combine. When you wash your hair, condition with the mix and leave it on for 3-5 minutes.  You can use this mix whenever you want your conditioner to work a little harder for you, as often as you like.

You can even use jojoba oil for styling your hair, but use it sparingly because even jojoba oil can look greasy too shiny if you use too much. It’s great for smoothing flyaway hairs or adding texture.

Warning: your stylist may want your secret recipe when she sees you next! What will YOU do with all your jojoba? Happy experimenting!

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  2. As jojoba is the closest oil to one’s natural sebum, anything that can clean one’s own oils can clean jojoba oil.

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