The Big W

by Kipton

This week we have a guest post from Kipton. Kipton is a friend, Charlottesville neighbor, and a fellow blogger. She is training for a sprint triathlon (want to join?) and finally putting Madeleine’s dusty Basement Bike to good use. Kipton shares her story about how 20 years of ineffective diets eventually led her to try Weight Watchers, or “The Big W”. 

I hit my Super Duper Fat bottom in the Fall of 2011.  I was in so much denial as to what was really going on with my body, my weight, and my health.  There were brief moments of clarity.  I would look at a friend and say, “Oh my god.  How did I get this fat?  How did this happen?”  I would hold my clothes up and be confused.  Why do these clothes look so big?  They look so big, yet, they are tight on my body?

A friend asked me, “Do you think you’ll lose the weight one day?”  I didn’t know what he was talking about.  What weight?  The weight?

A hypochondriac by nature, I started to convince myself that I was in congestive heart failure because of my weight.  I was helping a friend with her baby and I was horrified that she would wake up in the morning to a dead nanny.  I knew that my portions were an issue.  And my food choices.  And my lack of exercise.  But, where to begin?

I have had a lot of friends successfully lose weight on Weight Watchers.  One of them said, “It’s the only thing that really works.”  That stuck with me.  This was not my first Weight Watchers’ Rodeo.  WW and I  go way back.  First weigh-in was at the age of 10.  Yes, 10 years old.  I’m still traumatized.  That’s a story for another day.

This round has been different.  This is not a diet.  Diets don’t work.  I have tried them all.  I started dieting at the age of six.  I continued to diet until the age of 26.  20 years of dieting!  Then I said, eff it.  And I ate.  I ate everything.

What I’m doing differently this time:

1)     I’m tracking what I eat.  (writing it down with point calculations)
2)     I am focusing on my health and not the number on the scale.
3)     I am consistently weighing in and attending WW meetings.
4)     I’m open to suggestion.
5)     I WANT IT.

For the WW virgins out there, this is what goes down:   When you go to your first meeting, you fill out information and they weigh you.  It’s done one-on-one with the receptionist.  No need to be scared.  They hand you a large packet of information.  It can be overwhelming.  Don’t freak out.  You sit down at your first meeting!  There will be a lot of clapping involved, audience participation, tips, etc.  Again, don’t freak out.  After the 30-minute meeting, they have a quick session for beginners.  You review information and ask questions.  You did it!  Congratulations.

Guess what?  You need to go back next week.  And the week after.  You are going to get obsessed with food websites (, looking for WW recipes on Pinterest, and figuring out the points of your favorite meals (  You will consider buying stock in Subway.  Maybe working for them (I applied for a corporate position).  Or working close to a Subway (I picked my most recent temp position based on proximity).  You will use the phrase, “Not worth the points.”

Consistency is key.  Taking small steps.  A little bit counts.  Easy does it, but do it.

If you want it, you can have it.  I promise.

Any questions about the WW?


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