Five Minute, Totally Easy, Already In Your Pantry, Completely Natural Sugar Scrub

by Laura Pilati

Did ya miss us? Today I’m going to give you a little nudge of encouragement…you know those adorable handmade sugar scrubs you’ve seen all over pinterest but haven’t tried to tackle yet? Psst…you can do it! Let’s get on this DIY train and tackle one of those hundreds of pins together, shall we?! And please excuse the yellowy iPhone pictures…this is what happens when you do an indoor project on a rainy winter day and your brother forgets to replace your camera’s memory card…


Now, I know the holidays have passed, but are there many things that sound more wonderful right now to warm up with than a peppermint sugar scrub? (except for you folks down under, sorry about that heat wave!) I had been wanting to try making a sugar scrub for a while, and during the holidays decided to finally try it out with a peppermint scent to give away as a winter gift. I mean it when I say that this recipe couldn’t be simpler in the ingredients–there are just three, really only two required–and it took me all of about ten minutes to pull off, from opening the jars to putting them in the fridge. So that’s about five minutes of “cook” time (gotta stay true to my title). First, get yo’ self:

  • Coconut oil, or another carrier oil, such as jojoba. Coconut oil will be solid at room temperature.
  • Sugar. You can use regular granulated for this, or if you prefer, a coarser, raw granule.
  • The essential oil(s) of your choice (I used peppermint, of course).
  • Small jars, big jars, medium jars…whatever you plan to store this in. Just make sure that it seals properly, as this contains natural ingredients, and it can spoil. Fun fact: sugar does serve as a mild natural preservative in this recipe!


If you’re using coconut oil, you’ll first need to melt the oil. No need for a double boiler…just add it straight to a pan and start the heat/flame on a low setting. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but melts at body temperature or higher…making it a great material for cosmetics and meaning that it won’t take much to melt it. Watch your pan! Oh and be sure to use a spoon to get it out of its original container, or risk making a huge mess of yourself and your kitchen, like I did. After a few minutes, it’ll start to look like ice cubes melting…stir until everything is liquified. Mmmm…couldn’t you just eat that coconut oil? Divine!


Now, you may have noticed that I never gave proportions for the ingredients. This is because I think it’s up to the DIY-er. I saw a few recipes online that recommended a 1:1 ratio of sugar to oil (such as 1 cup oil to 1 cup sugar), but this ratio just didn’t quite live up to my desire for a thick sugary paste. I probably added about twice the amount of sugar that I did oil because I wanted a nice, thick paste. Anyway, stir it up!


Finally, cut off the heat and get out your essential oil(s), if you’re going to be using that. EOs are very volatile, which means that they will evaporate quickly, especially under heat. Mix in several drops, but don’t over mix. I made about 3 cups total and probably added about 20 drops. It gave it a subtle scent–so add more if you want the scent to be stronger. Conversely, you may choose not to add any at all. I will admit that I considered not adding any EO at all after smelling the oil melting in the pan…it really is such a heavenly scent, even after it solidifies again.


Now are you keeping an eye on the clock? Never mind that, cause you’re nearly done! Transfer the mixture into your container(s) and let it cool for a few minutes. Put it in the fridge, if you like. Then cap it and fridge it, or dress it up to give to a friend!

So there you have it–your very own, 5-minute, totally easy, already in your pantry, enough for everyone, natural, DIY sugar scrub! And yes, it is edible. 🙂

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