Who? What?

What is Get Clean, Girls? GCG is a project started by two women who came together through their mutual interest in health, wellness, and natural living. These are vague topics. What’s important to us is not defining what we do, but why we do it. As Get Clean, Girls:

  • We will support women (and men) in realizing control of their lives, planet, and values through their personal choices.
  • We are here to share and learn.
  • We will be resourceful, diligent, and honest.
  • We will be ourselves.
  • We will be a welcoming resource for all.

Thanks for stopping in.

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Who are Get Clean, Girls?

Laura is a citizen of earth who just happens to live in the best mid-sized city in America (RVA). She is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington, where she studied Environmental Science and French. She currently works as the Program Assistant for a Richmond nonprofit organization and enjoys practicing yoga, training for the Monument 10K, traveling, leisure biking, and crafting. She fell quickly into the world of conscious consumerism after a series of coincidental friendships, classes, and “ah ha” moments, but credits her fundamental interest in natural/alternative personal care to her Mom, who never let cosmetics and personal care be a big deal.


Madeleine is a graduate student studying Urban + Environmental Planning. She likes old buildings, attention to detail in design, and good stories. She’s drawn to personal care issues because she is secretly a prima donna. She’s trying to incorporate DIY methods whenever possible, which is a great learning process. Being one of three sisters, her childhood games were largely comprised of dress-up and spa/salon, or a combination of the two. These days, “spa time” means taking care with natural products and ingredients she has around the house.


Olivia Hawks

Olivia is an old fashioned lady. During the Regency era, a girl’s beauty depended on a good scrub, flowers, and animal fat. Bloom was achieved by vigorous walking. She’s a big believer in this Jane Austen-esque formula for beauty. Olivia studied cosmetology at an Aveda Institute because she’s not groovy enough for Paul Mitchell, but even Aveda has sold its soul to Estee Lauder in exchange for silicones and sulfates. She currently works in an Aveda salon and believes in the products, but she personally uses a baby body wash/shampoo combo with sugar beets, frankincense and myrrh. She’s also got a stock of jojoba oil and essential oils under her bathroom sink for making her own beauty potions.  Jane Austen would totally love it.


Liz is an aspiring publishing maven (read: project manager) and life-long resident of the #1 city in America (although she’s convinced she was born on the wrong continent and is actually a Spaniard at heart). She enjoys eavesdropping, writing about her feelings, singing at the top of her lungs while driving, caramelizing onions, and telling hopeful diners that there is a 2 hour wait to eat at the restaurant where she is [infrequently] a hostess. Other interests include typefaces, high-waisted garments, Ashtanga yoga, the enneagram, and her urban garden. She is not the world’s healthiest human, but is honored to have the chance to share her successes and pitfalls in the world of wellbeing.


Kipton moved home to Virginia after eight years in Manhattan selling real estate.  She thought that moving to another state would immediately knock 80 pounds off of her frame.  It didn’t.  She’s 50 pounds down on her weight loss journey (barf) and training for a Sprint Triathlon.


Lauren is a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Guatemala who has rejoined the nest for the time being. She spends her time working part time at a medical office and re-adjusting to American culture as well as figuring out the next step in her life.


whitney1If money, time and reality were no object, Whitney would be living at Downton Abbey, drinking tea, planning parties and courting Cousin Mathew. But no such luck. Instead, she pays the bills with marketing, photography and writing. She holds a masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University. And she’s in love with her goldendoodle, Scotch, and the horse she’ll someday own. Back in her hometown of Louisville, Ky., Whitney is attempting to a live healthier lifestyle by dumping naughty products in favor of the planet’s super stars — coconut oil and baking soda.


And YOU! Do you love to write and have something to say? Tell us! We’d love to bring you on as a writer.


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