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  2. hi!! my name is sydney, and i’m a 15 yr old teen. i have suffered with acne since middle school. it has gotten pretty rough in the past year or so, so my mom and i finally decided i should start accutane. i’ve been on it for a week now, and my lips are already really chapped. how bad did yours get chapped? did your skin get dry and flaky around the mouth? i’m just nervous about how severe my lips will be. thanks so much!!

    • Hi Sydney! Starting Accutane is a very serious health decision and I hope that you find that it helps you with your acne soon. I did suffer from chapped lips, but I was able to manage that with using natural (nontoxic) lip balms made with ingredients like beeswax and plant oils. However, I know some people suffer more from chapping than I did. I definitely recommend drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and balancing your diet with healthy fats (like coconut oil and avocado), which can help keep your skin hydrated. Best of luck to you!

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